Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Another Great Week in NY


It's been another great week!

We had a busy week with teaching and finding and doing service!

Friday and Saturday we had exchanges with the Owego sisters! It was a lot of fun! They are such good teachers and great missionaries. 

Saturday Sister Graver and I were tracting and she felt like we should walk all the way over to Main Street and so we did. Once we got there she looked at me and said where should we go from here? I felt like we should go to Mill Street, which was right next to us. So we start knocking on doors and one of the first houses a man answers and invites us to sit down and we shared with him the Plan of Salvation because he's had questions for years about what happens when we die! How cool is that! God lead us right to someone who's been searching! :) We are excited to teach him more this week.

Sunday we were asked to do sharing time in Primary and it was so much fun! I love little kids so much!
That afternoon we went to a lady's house who knew a couple of the members in our ward and she had the nicest house ever! She gave us a tour of her backyard and it was so beautiful! She even gave us ice cold water to take with us because we were walking. I've met the nicest people here in NY. :))

Life is good! I hope you all have a fun week and share your love of Jesus Christ with someone!


Sister Horne
Eldridge Park!  
 It was Sister Ferrin and Sister Graver's last exchange so we went all out at Dollar General and 
bought everything we could find with peanut butter. 
We also got Bryne Dairy chocolate milk - which is heaven on earth.

Silly string... 
and glow in the dark balloons!
It was so much fun!!

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