Wednesday, May 24, 2017

We Love Teaching...


Sorry this is going to be short but here are some great things that happened this week!

This week we had a really good lesson with Sofia about Moroni 10:3-5. She is growing in her faith slowly but surely! It is so exciting to see!
We were able to teach a less active that we haven't seen in a long time which was exciting! She's super sweet and hopefully will be able to start coming back to church.
We found really cool people who are searching for a church and will read the pamphlets and material we gave them to know if they want to learn more. 
We were able to get in contact with a super awesome lady Sister Reintjes and I taught a couple times but she's been away in Florida for a few months so this week we will start teaching her again!
We finally got in contact with a solid guy that missionaries in the past have met! He is really awesome and his boss is Mormon so he knows a ton already. We invited him to church and gave him a Book of Mormon.
We found new investigators who are really sweet and aren't very active in any church and liked what we shared with them!
Life is good! Love you all!! Next week I'll let you know where in the beautiful state of NY I'll be getting transferred to!!
Sister Horne

 Zone Conference a couple weeks ago!

Having fun at a member's house

We helped a member move out and were hot and exhausted after 
so we treated ourselves to ice cream :))

This cute coffee shop has delicious Italian Sodas!

 Pretty double rainbow after dinner with the Vanderwerkens
 They are moving to Washington. I'm excited to see them after my mission..
...I told them I'll watch their kids for them since I'll be bored at home
waiting for my brothers to get home after their finals. 

Sister J made me the best cookies last week. 
Yikes - I ate too many haha

Tracting in the Rain

Exchanges and Exploring


We had exchanges last week which were so much fun! I love getting to spend the day with the STLs (Sister Training Leaders). The lessons we teach together are so powerful! Sister Carruth and I taught someone that is less active and either Sister Carruth forgot to tell me he was less active and not an investigator or I just forgot because I was teaching him kind of like he was an investigator and it actually was the coolest thing ever! I kept having promptings of what I should say or do and so I just went with it and we ended up talking a lot about repentance which he didn't understand so it was perfect! The Spirit was so strong in that lesson! 

That night Sister Smith and I were tracting in a trailer park and we talk to this guy and he says he isn't interested so we move on. When we are almost at the next trailer he yells out and says to come back and says "You know what? I would really like to learn more, come back tomorrow." It was so cool!!

Wednesday we taught J! She was out of town and then she had surgery and just a lot of things have been preventing us from seeing her lately. We had a really good lesson with her about the Plan of Salvation and she just kept saying "this makes so much sense." I love her!

Thursday we taught a man who hasn't been active in the church for a long time and his college age son who isn't a member. It was a really cool experience because we were able to answer questions they had and find out why the dad left the church. The Spirit was definitely there as we testified of our faith and what we know and especially of the Holy Ghost. The son had a best friend who passed away and that just tore him apart so we shared the plan of salvation and give him a Book of Mormon and Plan of Salvation pamphlet.

Everything has been going great here!! I love serving in New York!

Sister Horne

Sister Carruth! My STL we had exchanges with.

Saratoga Zone Conference (a few weeks ago)

Last P-day I took a nap and woke up to lots of balloons on me! haha

I got PANDA!!! The STLs have it in their area.
Panda Express makes me so happy :)

We tried a brand new Chinese place right by our house and it was yummy.

Exchanges with Sister Smith and Sis Carruth

We found this when on a walk with a friend. 
Tracting and finding the cutest little pond in the middle of a neighborhood.

Soooo many bright flowers! I Love it!!

Walking around and talking with people at the mall and dancing around :) 

We went to the park last p-day because it was gorgeous out!
It was really FUN!

A friend called us, picked us up from the park, and took us out for dessert.
Yum - they were good!

New York is so pretty!! 

Monday, May 22, 2017

"I Love Being a Missionary" Moments!

This week was full of those "I love being a missionary" moments!

1. Thursday we had dinner at an awesome members house and they gave us referrals and one of them we knocked on, we gave a Book of Mormon to and set a return appointment for a few days later!! He was so cool! I love love love when members get involved in missionary work. It just makes everything better. And the lesson we had with them went really well! They absorbed it all and are really searching for a church!

2. Had lunch with one of my favorite people ever, C! She's the funniest, cutest 15 year old ever!
We talked more about baptism and were able to learn about her true concerns which helps us a lot in knowing how to move forward.

3. We stopped by a headquarter referral's house and he was outside by his car and we taught him the restoration right there and he said now what we believe makes a lot more sense and committed to come to church! (He didn't end up being able to make it but he's super cool!)

4. We taught S and the member who usually translates for us wasn't feeling good so we just went anyway and it went really well!! We talked a little about baptism and she said shes at 70 or 80% in knowing the church is true! Which is so great since the language barrier makes it a slower process. She said one of the most amazing prayers I've heard on my mission, I was just smiling the whole time. She asked God to help her not have appointments on Sunday mornings (she owns a nail salon) so she can come to church and that God will bless her with more customers other times and that she would be able to know this church is true. I just love her so much!!

5. We taught A and it went well! He has a hard time with God answering prayers but he will get there!
6. I gave my first talk on my mission in sacrament meeting! It was all about fasting and it went pretty well! Public speaking is a lot easier for me than it used to be. God definitely helped me haha

7. We had 4 visitors come to church!!! Since I was up on the stand Sister Johnson sat by them and made sure they understood what was going on, answering questions, etc. She told me after, that she was a little overwhelmed at first but she did a great job. :) It also helped that C was sitting with the Brimhalls and A was sitting with his parents. 

God has been blessing us so much, I love it!! Being a missionary is the best thing ever!

Love you all!!
Sister Horne

We were tracting and found some ducks! 

Chinese snacks from Sofia! Super Good!

The sun and green grass are back!

We were tracting for awhile, so of course we have to take selfies!

Pretty Sunset

One of our Favs - SOFIA! 
Her husband took a million pictures - which made us laugh.
We had so much fun!