Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Hello!! I have a new companion!


This week was awesome and definitely a lot different than normal weeks.

Sunday night through Wednesday morning I was in Auburn with Sister DuBose because my companion left for the mission home on Sunday night.

We had a lot of fun and Tuesday was full of miracles! We picked up four new investigators and started to teach a new less active! Every time we taught the restoration and testified of what we know to be true the Spirit was so strong! It just worked out that I recited the First Vision during every lesson and after I said it I just paused and the investigator said "Wow.." It was so amazing to be there to witness them feel the Spirit! I just love the people in New York so much!! Wherever I go, even if its not really my area the people have such a special place in my heart. 

Wednesday was transfers and a couple of my companions were there! I love seeing them so much. There's nothing quite like the relationship you have with companions. 
I have a new companion! Her name is Sister Moore (every one gets our names confused because they sound so similar) She's from West Valley, UT and we came out the same time. She's super sweet and a great teacher. :)

Friday was MLC and it was a lot of fun to see two of my past companions! My trainee is an STL now and I'm so proud of her! I love being able to see how much she has grown between when she first came into the field and now. :)) 
We learned a lot in the meeting and felt the Spirit.
That night we had a great lesson with our investigator and he said that the Book of Mormon brings him peace! And that he's been thinking a lot more about baptism! We put him on date for September 9th! He's coming to church and participating more. I just love being a missionary!

I hope you all have an amazing week and listen to the still small voice of the Spirit!
Sister Horne

me and Zim Zim
Sister Moore! 
MLC (Mission Leader Conference)
My two Glenville companions!!

 me and Sis P <3

Monday, August 7, 2017

I Know..

This week was crazy/fun/busy/sad/amazing all of the above!
And this upcoming week is going to be even crazier with a lot of traveling.

Tuesday we had a really powerful lesson with one of our investigators, something I love is when investigators ask us as missionaries questions about our personal conversion and beliefs. Not just what the church thinks but what truly deep inside I believe. I love it because whenever I answer those types of questions I am able to have the Spirit witness to me that what I am saying is more than just words, I really do believe it and know it to be true. 

Wednesday we had a great lesson with another investigator and he bore testimony to us that he really believes that this is the change he has been praying for and needing in his life. He is just the coolest and I really believe he could be baptized soon!
That night we had our weekly missionary meeting and we usually have a spiritual thought in the beginning but this time instead of assigning someone our ward mission leader had us all (6 missionaries and two ward missionaries, which included a recent convert) bear testimony of what we know to be true. It was SO incredible! In that room was an RM of a few years, a previous bishopric member, a recent convert who was endowed last month, one new missionary, and two missionaries going home tomorrow. TALK ABOUT POWERFUL. The Spirit was so strong. I am so grateful for the things I KNOW. I don't know where I would be without this gospel in my life and in my family's life. 

Friday we went to the fair on our dinner break and we were walking through it on the way out to get to our appointment and a girl said "Hey, are you Mormons? Wait sisters come back!" so we looked around and there was a girl about our age who worked at the carnival and she was Mormon! She has been inactive for a long time but she said she would come to church! So cool! God works in mysterious ways! 

Saturday we had an appointment with someone who was pretty recently baptized and we brought a member with us so we could go inside but he ended up not being home so we tried a few other people then felt like we should stop by our investigators house to see if he would be available for a lesson. He was and we had such a good lesson with him! The member we took was perfect in every way!! She struggles with some of the exact same things that he did. It was so amazing to be there in that lesson. What a tender mercy.

Church was super good on Sunday!! Especially because we had two investigators come! What a perfect way to end this transfer.

Sister Graver is headed home and I will miss her A TON but I'll be getting a new companion this Wednesday which will be fun! 

Sister Horne

 The corning sisters in our district! love them so much! 
 We went to Poppleton again in Corning! It seems to be becoming a tradition haha
  I love fun walls!

  We had a lesson at the park with an investigator right before our missionary 
correlation meeting and it started pouring rain but we walked that day so we walked/ran 
to the house we had our meeting at and when we got there we were both DRENCHED haha 
The look on the elders faces were priceless, they thought we were crazy lol
 On our dinner break we went to the fair right next to our apartment!! 

 our awesome investigator

my cute companion for 3 days! :)

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Another Great Week in NY


It's been another great week!

We had a busy week with teaching and finding and doing service!

Friday and Saturday we had exchanges with the Owego sisters! It was a lot of fun! They are such good teachers and great missionaries. 

Saturday Sister Graver and I were tracting and she felt like we should walk all the way over to Main Street and so we did. Once we got there she looked at me and said where should we go from here? I felt like we should go to Mill Street, which was right next to us. So we start knocking on doors and one of the first houses a man answers and invites us to sit down and we shared with him the Plan of Salvation because he's had questions for years about what happens when we die! How cool is that! God lead us right to someone who's been searching! :) We are excited to teach him more this week.

Sunday we were asked to do sharing time in Primary and it was so much fun! I love little kids so much!
That afternoon we went to a lady's house who knew a couple of the members in our ward and she had the nicest house ever! She gave us a tour of her backyard and it was so beautiful! She even gave us ice cold water to take with us because we were walking. I've met the nicest people here in NY. :))

Life is good! I hope you all have a fun week and share your love of Jesus Christ with someone!


Sister Horne
Eldridge Park!  
 It was Sister Ferrin and Sister Graver's last exchange so we went all out at Dollar General and 
bought everything we could find with peanut butter. 
We also got Bryne Dairy chocolate milk - which is heaven on earth.

Silly string... 
and glow in the dark balloons!
It was so much fun!!