Tuesday, December 27, 2016

The week before Christmas

This has been one of the best weeks of my mission!! Such a fun week!

Last Monday we did a lot of fun things like caroling, getting our nails done (by a friend), going out to eat, and shopping. Love p-days! 

Tuesday we had exchanges with the STLs! They are so awesome. Love them. We had a busy day and had some cool miracles! 

Wednesday was the Christmas Conference which was so fun!! I got to see one of my favorite people from my MTC district! They had really good musical numbers and speakers. The Spirit was so strong! That night we met this super awesome family (the parents are inactive and the college aged kids aren't baptized) and it was really fun talking with them. 

Thursday we saw our investigators Joe and Carol. Love them. They are hilarious. Friday we did service at a place in the Elders area where they serve food to the less fortunate so we helped with that for a few hours and it was really fun. Some members from the ward came and helped too.

Christmas Eve we studied in the morning and then went to Beacon Point (a memory care facility) and went caroling with them. So fun! After we made a gingerbread house and then went to a less actives house and read a Christmas story with her. We hurried over to a recent converts house to help her get ready for Christmas and then went to the church to meet the elders to carpool. We went to the Smiths house and played games and had a yummy dinner then had hot chocolate floats (best thing ever) and read Christmas stories. Then from there we went to the Yates. SO FUN. Oh my goodness, I was crying laughing at one point. They had three college kids home and then two girls in high school and then the Andersens were over too and they are just hilarious. We had a talent show and everyone had to prepare a talent so me and Sister Reintjes decided to learn a missionary rap and it was rough haha but they thought it was funny. We sang a lot of carols and sang about Christ and watched the Nativity to end the night. 

Then Christmas day we woke up and made cinnamon rolls and had hot chocolate and opened presents. Then went to church which was SO good. This ward is so talented oh my goodness. The primary kids sang and it was so cute! Then we went home and relaxed for a little bit and gave candy canes to our neighbors before going to the Bringhursts! We had a delicious dinner and then skyped home!! Loved seeing my family and can't believe that I only skype home one more time before going home! So weird! After being at their house we went to the Olsens and had pie and talked with them for a little bit. The members in this ward are the best. 

I hope you all had a very merry Christmas!! 

Sister Horne

 The members here are so good to us!


Sisters Armstrong and Johnson - both in my MTC District!

Elder Cook joined the picture without us realizing it. haha

We are STOCKED with hand warmers

Post Christmas means studying under the table because you're too lazy
to get up after kneeling for the prayer lol

Monday, December 19, 2016

A Week Full of Cookies and Miracles


Life has been so good! So I'm in Glenville now! It is a super nice and pretty wealthy area. There are some ginormous houses--so tracting is fun because we just admire all of the houses and we get to see all the cute Christmas decorations. :) The ward is huge! Its like a Utah ward...so fun! They are super good to the missionaries here--its even someones calling to make sure we get fed dinner..good thing my companion loves to run or else I would be in trouble! haha

My companion is Sister Reintjes and we are practically the same person its the best haha We have so much in common and work really well together. We are both super excited for this transfer and are working hard and seeing results. She's been out one transfer less than me and is from Vegas and went to school for a year in Wisconsin on a running scholarship. She is super into cross country and track and we live right next to a school so we run on the track every morning! I love it! She laps me a billion times but that's okay haha

We do A TON of service here! More service than I have ever done at one time haha its so fun!! I absolutely love the people we do service with! We go to a memory care facility every week and play games and do poetry with the people there(old people are the best--some of them are super sassy haha). We also go to a place called Captains Treasure which is a thrift store that we organize the donations that come in and price them and put them out for people to buy. Then we go to a food pantry and organize the food that's brought in. The last place we do service at is Skyler Ridge--its an elderly care facility--and we play word games with them! I love doing service, I'm so glad we have so much!

We have met a lot of potentials these past two weeks which has been super great! And we have picked up a lot of new investigators!! We have been contacting a lot of people who have been taught by missionaries in the past and stopped investigating the church and the coolest miracles have happened. I'll share a few of them.

So B...hes been taught a lot in the past and has read the Book of Mormon twice and Doctrine and Covenants (super impressive) and we stopped by his apartment and talked with him for a little bit and shared a scripture (we couldn't go in because he's a single man) and set a return appointment. (Side story--so a member in the ward just came back from his mission in Brazil--he reminds me a lot of Josh (his name is actually Josh too haha) and he was a super awesome missionary and baptized dozens of people) We asked him and his mom to come with us to B's lesson. They did and it was the coolest thing ever. Sister Reintjes and I joked that we learned more in that lesson than we have our whole mission haha I love when members come to lessons with us! They have such strong testimonies and can really relate to those we teach, sometimes more than we can. Bill has a lot of potential, I can really see him getting baptized in the near future. He came to the ward Christmas party too! He really enjoyed it. :)

Aimee! Oh my goodness she is the cutest. So we stop by her house (shes a former investigator) and she opens the door and says "Sisters!! Come on in!" We were like "Okay!!" We ended up talking to her for probably close to an hour. She had so many really good questions and we taught her the restoration and she was so open and welcoming and kept complimenting us on our outfits haha she even gave us a tour of her house and gave us Ghirardelli chocolates! We set an appointment for this upcoming week to see her again and I'm super excited. She is definitely prepared.

J and C are former investigators too and we stopped by (it was probably around 8pm) and they opened the door and said come in!! (that is seriously the best thing to hear as missionaries) They are a cute older couple and J has read the entire Book of Mormon and we shared with them Moroni 10:3-5 and invited them to pray about it. They are super nice and we can see potential there.

T and S are so awesome. So we had our ward Christmas party on Saturday which was super fun(and it was even better having Bill there and a couple of the less actives we visit and a recent convert). Then afterwards we had a little time before going in for the night so we walked around our big apartment complex trying to talk with people about Christ and we run into a Chinese couple. We talk with them and S says she is Christian and goes to a church that speaks Mandarin but they were super friendly and we invited them to our church and they said yes! They promised us they would be there. We were super excited and just so grateful for all the blessings we've been given this week.

We go to church the next morning and we were waiting for them but didn't see them so we were about to go into class(we have sacrament meeting last because two wards meet in our building--its kinda weird but I'm getting used to it) and then all of a sudden we see S and T walk up to the church doors!! We were SO happy! We walk with them to class and there's actually a member that served his mission in Taiwan and knows Mandarin so the Elders go get him and he comes in and translates the whole thing! (they have lived in America for about 10 years but their English is still a little rocky) And then he takes T to Priesthood and Sofia stays with us for Relief Society.

After that we go into the chapel to meet up with T and S says they have to go because they own a nail salon and they need to go there. But we start talking and there's actually another member who knows Mandarin so he's talking to T then one of the members of the Bishopric goes up to start the meeting so we all hurry and sit down. One member was talking to S in Mandarin and the other was talking to T in Mandarin. Both members were translating sacrament meeting for them! It was the coolest thing ever! The members here are the best! I couldn't stop smiling all through church. And the lessons that were taught were super good too, in RS they talked about service and specifically those who quietly and valiantly serve and don't get recognition. I was almost getting emotional because the Spirit was so strong in that room (and because I thought of my mom who is the most perfect example of selfless service).

There have been so many miracles this week its incredible. I love being a missionary! In exactly one year from today I will be on a plane going home which makes me sad! I don't want to leave! For anyone who is thinking about going on a mission, DO IT. It will really be the best 18 months (2 years) of your life.

Sorry if this was all over the place. I just had a lot to talk about! :)

Hope you all are having a wonderful holiday season!!

Sister Horne

 Tracting in 28 degree weather that we weren't very prepared for haha

I got three things in the mail--it felt like Christmas!!

p-day and half baked ice cream makes for a good day :)


pictures coming soon....

Sunday, December 18, 2016


(first transfer & pics)

Happy Thanksgiving!


Its been a super busy but super fun week!!

Wednesday was my last day at meals on wheels since transfers are next week :( it was sad. I love all of the people who volunteer there!! I will miss them a lot.

We also had our last District Meeting--I love my district! They are all so awesome. 

Thursday we helped out at the monthly community dinner which is always fun. The people we do service with are seriously the nicest people ever. I love them!

Friday we had exchanges with the STL's (Sister Training Leaders) in Syracuse! That was my fourth and my last exchange there! It's fun because I know some of the people they teach now and have been able to see them a couple times. I was with Sister DeVries and we went to a couple less actives in the morning and the lessons were so good! I felt the Spirit so strongly! I love teaching with Sister DeVries! We got some good life advice from the less active we visited. She told us to save money every month so that when there's an emergency or something that we really want to spent our money on then we will be able to use our savings. And she said that material things don't matter and that we have thousands of tiny drawers in our hearts where we put the things we care the most about in and that is what we take with us to heaven. 

After lunch we went to another less actives house and that lesson was so fun. We talked about what we learned at stake conference last week and at the conference they talked about writing our story down so that we can learn from our experiences and that our posterity will as well and so the lady told us some funny stories that had to do with skunks and snakes and all sorts of things that she has been meaning to write down. 

We also met a guy named Dr. Love/Mr. Love/Brother Love hahah and I gave him a Book of Mormon and we set up an appointment to teach him more. He's a funny guy. 

On Saturday we did some service and we went by a potential investigators house and we talked with him and his dad? not sure if they are related or not we didn't ask. We taught the restoration and we taught it differently than I have ever taught the restoration before but it was so fun! Just going by the Spirit. They are super awesome and he read from the Book of Mormon(we gave it to him when we first met)!! 

And a guy me and Sister Case used to teach but we ended up handing over to the elders got baptized on Saturday! I was asked to give the talk on baptism and I was SO nervous but it went pretty well! Baptisms are the best.

Soo yesterday morning we wake up to a little snow and then it KEEPS SNOWING ALL DAY! And is currently still snowing and is supposed to all day today too. Gotta love upstate NY! Over a foot of snow in November! I love it though. 

Hope you all have a wonderful thanksgiving!!


Sister Horne

Week 24

...coming soon

Week 23