Monday, July 17, 2017

Never a Bad Day

Hi Friends!!

Highlights this week:

We had an exchange with the Corning sisters and had so much fun!! One of the sisters asked me if I ever have a bad day and I honestly told her no because yes there are sometimes bad things that happen in a day but there's never a whole day that's bad. It's our choice to decide to be happy and that's something I have really learned on the mission. Happiness is a choice :) no matter what! 

We picked up a few awesome investigators this week that we are super excited to teach more to!

We started teaching a less active family this week who I love so much and the mom and two kids came to church on Sunday!!

Also our investigator told us he still wanted to meet but was going to spend more time with his two sons until the 30th when they go to live with their mom in another state (the parents are divorced), but last minute we found out our gator and his two sons were coming to church!!! it was such an amazing surprise! A son of a family in the ward who recently got baptized is best friends with our gators son! 

Saturday we went to Owego to work in their area for the day and I loved it so much!! It is the cutest little town ever!! They live right on the Susquehanna (no idea how to spell that) River!! 

Life is so good!!

Sister Horne
 Blitz in Owego!

 Cute park we went to for lunch

Loved spending the day in Owego with Sister Ferrin!

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